Shefali Saxena with an impeccable academic background and a professional orientation is now an integral part of the media world and believes in advancing each day with seeking spirit.

A mastermind loaded with varied experiences, gifted with mesmerizing voice and magnetic aura, Shefali Saxena is a perfect blend of melody and harmony, the play of power and softness, the alchemy of sensuality and intellect with glamour and class.

A Classically trained Kathak Dancer and Hindustani Music Vocalist, Shefali’s Internationally Shot Album featuring her, “UNWIND” with male vocals of Javed Ali and promoted by Mika Singh created sensation overnight and got her instant fame globally. She has many jingles and singles to her credit apart from innumerable brand live shows. Shefali is also passionate for acting and has her name attached with couple of plays, short films and brand endorsements.

Shefali Saxena is a renowned name in the corporate and social events, where she displays her ability to flow with a variety of genres with ease and proficiency. She knows how to steal her live shows and win hearts of each and every guest present with her magical charisma and presence of mind. She is extremely sharp to sense her audience’s taste while performing and can keep them on their toes for hours consistently and continuously.

A post graduate in Life Sciences and national exam (UGC Net) qualified, Shefali Saxena, a rare fusion of tradition with modernity, has a vision to give life to the requirements and ideas of the client by her immeasurable talents to design the complete show with her skillful team of professionals. She has been a part of the best of the labels round the globe with many celebrities. She has a base in Mumbai and Delhi both with the supporting team in major metros.